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Breathing Exercises : A Cheap Way to Lose Weight

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Breathing Exercises : Stress may result in overeating and emotional eating which immediately increase weight and trigger serious diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Deep breathing not only helps to reduce weight but also plays an effective role in weight reduction. The mind focuses on the body to calm it and promote immediate weight loss.

How Does Deep Breathing Help in Weight Loss?

In stress and pain, we breathe slowly but we need more oxygen in this situation to calm our mind and reduce the tension. Deep breathing is much effective than shallow breathing as it provides an adequate amount of oxygen to mind and helps to control stress. To lose weight and reduce tension, increase the focus of your mind and awareness to your breathing by imagining that you’re present in a peaceful environment and try to relax your muscles. Take deep breathes so you reduce hunger and relax your mind.

Best Breathing Exercises 

Here are some amazing breathing exercises which are extremely effective for instant weight loss.

Deep Abdominal Breathing :

Deep abdominal breathing affects cortical activity and relaxes the muscles of the brain. Sit in calm position and slowly exhale until you feel your stomach has fully deflated and count for a five then inhale slowly and repeat the exercise for 7-10 times.

Bellows Breathing Exercise :

The exercise is known as a fat burner as it provides energy to the body by providing excess oxygen. Oxygen burns fat and activates lungs and chest. To this exercise, sit straight and breathe out rapidly. Continue this process for 15 seconds for the best results while you the exercise can also be used as a warm up for cardio exercises.

Three-Part Breathing :

The Involuntary nervous system is responsible for the regulation of digestion and blood circulation system. In three-part breathing, the exercise tries to influence and balance the involuntary nervous system. Exhale through your nose and stop breathe for a few seconds. Now exhale in a wave movement like first from the chest then abdomen and in the end from the diaphragm. Repeat the exercise for 5-10 times.

Stress and the resulted obesity are highly adverse to health and one should try his/her best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Breathing exercises are easy cum affordable way to restore your health.

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