Pilates Moves for Weight Loss

Best Pilates Moves for Weight Loss

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Pilates is a type of exercise that helps to reduce weight and tone body muscles. It’s not like the traditional workouts which take much time and give slow results rather it brings out instant results and gives an ideal shape to your body. Pilates moves fasten your breathing and extract sweetening that increases the fat burning process and reduces the extra inches of your body. Here are some best Pilates moves recommended by the experts for weight loss. 

Pilates Moves For Weight Loss

Plank Jacks

It’s an amazing exercise that requires stamina and balance. Put your hands on the mat and try to stand up on your toes. Bring your arms up and squeeze the back. Exhale slowly while keeping your shoulders width apart. Inhale and exhale slowly and never lose your balance through your spine.

Pilates Moves for weight loss


Lie on your back while making a layer of your palms. Bend tightly on your chest and make sure you have properly lifted your head. Twist your torso and try to join your both elbows and inhale as well. Now straighten your right leg and lift it upward from the mat and hold for a few seconds. Now try to connect your left elbow with your right knee and exhale. Repeat this exercise six to seven times.

Pilates for weight loss

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