reformer for weight loss

Reformer For Weight Loss : How Reformer Helps to Lose Weight 

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Reformer For Weight Loss : A reformer or Pilates reformer is an amazing exercise tool that helps to lose weight and strengthens your muscles by giving them a perfect shape. The tool is combination of jump-board and slots which let you do aerobic exercises to burn extra calories and maintain a healthy life. Drop some unwanted pounds by following these simple steps:

Reformer For Weight Loss


To warm up your body, ride a treadmill or a stationary bike for 10 minutes. It will increase your heart beat and fasten the sweetening process.


Attach a jump-board to your reformer. There are different types of reformers available and the position of jump-board varies from one type to another. Drop the foot-bar into the lowest position and tighten the knobs with the standing platform and lock it by moving it anticlockwise.


Jumping exercises are better and more effective as compared to other exercises and they increase the blood circulation and demand your focus as well. For jumping exercise, place your feet at the top of the jump-board and bend your knees in such a way that they get perpendicular to the reformer’s surface. Now, use your feet you push it downward and propel your body across the reformer with a great thrust.


You can perform various exercises and change it according to your choice or as per the suggestion of your trainer. Jump in different ways like spread your feet wider and move your body upward to jump or kick one leg sideway while keeping the other still and repeat the same with another leg. Extend leg towards the ceiling and push off the jump-board. Repeat the same exercise again and again to get your desired results.

Some exercises on the reformer

Reformer For Weight Loss

How to Maximise the Benefits of Reformer?

  • Eat healthy diets like fruits and vegetables
  • Loss 3500 calories to reduce one pound
  • Walk 30 minutes daily

Reformer jumping is a hectic and demanding exercise that significantly increases blood circulation and warms up the body. It’s not suitable for cardiac patients and those who are facing any serious health issue. If you want to do this exercise, then consult your doctor prior to starting it.

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