Bhakti yoga

Bhakti yoga : Spiritual way of life

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The lure has it that bhakti yoga took its roots from the 12th century when a 10-year old girl gave up all the worldly pleasures and childhood games to spend her life in the devotion of shiva, the Hindu deity. She later married a king, but upon realizing that her love for the spiritual god transcended above everything else, she ran away. It is believed that she left everything behind, even her clothes and spent the rest of her life in a spiritual bliss using her hair to cover her body. There are different types of yoga, and each one promotes a different way of life.

Bhakti yoga : What is bhakti yoga?

The main essence of bhakti yoga lies in its literal meaning, devotion or love for spirituality.Bhakti yoga is more about the spiritual healing and helps connect us to the spirituality within us and around us. The whole point of yoga is connecting us and helping us build links with all the other forces that are around us. Bhakti is a Sanskrit word which means devotion to God. Bhakti yoga helps build our connection with the godly forces around us. God is everywhere, and this form of yoga allows us to develop the awareness needed to have this knowledge of Supreme forces sink deep within us. Keeping the religious aspects of this form of yoga aside, it also helps you to develop the inner eye that makes us see the beauty around us.

The path of bhakti yoga

This form of yoga is quickly gaining a lot of popularity in the world around us. It helps us develop a spiritual side to ourselves and heals us from within. Yoga, apart from being beneficial for our physical health, holds a lot of benefits for our spiritual being as well. The deep awakening which comes forth as a result of this yoga is created through a series of activities which help pave the path for the bhakti yoga.

Mantra meditation :

it is a form of meditation which involves chanting of the name of Gods. It could either be done on the beads individually or in a group where music is played, and everyone is involved in singing out the mantra. The latter helps us connect with the other people around us too and not just with the spiritual forces we are trying to build the connection with.

Devotion and surrender :

love demands sacrifice and the love for spirituality is not completed without us giving upon all of our worldly pleasures or whatever we feel is keeping us away from us finding our true path. It would require you to show determinations, patience and give up on your ego as well to achieve the objective.

Bhakti yoga is not only common in the east but is quickly winning acclaim all over the world. The benefits of bhakti yoga extend beyond the yoga mat to the outer world as well and shape our way of life.