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Qi Gong : What is Qigong & Its Benefits

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Qi Gong is a system of breathing and meditation exercises that have been practiced in China for thousands of years to improve health and enhance mental capacities. It is designed to harness the body’s flow of energy (Chi) and direct this flow through channels (meridians) of the body, as well as promote healing properties within and improve general health.

Over 5000 years old, the art of Qi gong (pronounced “chee-gong”) healing exercises are a blend of qi, translated as “life force” and gong meaning “diligent exercise”

Qigong is seen a moderate form of exercise that leaves one feeling revitalized, due to its meditative state during the exercises. The two common types of Qigong include Nei Dan and Wai Dan. Nei Dan is more focused on the meditative aspect and uses imagery to tap into certain energies. Wai Dan requires greater concentration and incorporates more movement.

Qigong teaches its beginners in stages. The first stage is to learn the technique of combining movement with proper breathing. The movements are practiced in sets, just like with tai chi, until the point that each move is refined. After learning the proper movement, energy is incorporated into the movements through a method known as “moving meditation.”

Many stances during the various qigong movements require one to hold a pose for a significant amount of time, similarly to yoga. These held poses are meant to increase limb strength and promote the flow of energy through a method called “still meditation.”

30 Benefits of Qi Gong : 

1- Loosens muscles
2- Build poser
3- Strengthens organs
4- Slows respirations
5- Strengthens nerves
6- Builds bone density
7- Prevents joint injury
8- Strengthens ligaments
9- Destroys free radicals
10- Increases injury recovery
11- Decreases stress
12- Balances emotions
13- Improve circulations
14- Prevents muscular spasms
15- Reduces pain
16- Lowers heart rate
17- Normalizes EKG
18- Lowers blood pressure
19- Improves asthma
20- Relieves bronchitis
21- Builds immune system
22- Relieves migraines
23- Decreases stroke risk
24- Improves skin elasticity
25- Improves posture
26- Improves flexibility
27- Increases balance
28- Improves memory
29- Aides in digestion
30- Improves kidney function

Qi Gong Chart :

qi gong chart Manuscript drawing of physical exercises dao-yin (guiding the energy flow) from an ancient tomb of the Han dynasty.

Manuscript drawing of physical exercises dao-yin (guiding the energy flow) from an ancient tomb of the Han dynasty.