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Varuna Mudra : How to do the Varuna Mudra | Benefits and Meaning

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Varuna Mudra is known as the “seal of mental clarity”. It is a simple yoga gesture that is designed to balance the water element in the body. When the two fingers are placed together it is meant to symbolize and encourage openness and fluid communication.

Varuna Mudra – How to perform : 

Bring the tips of your little finger and thumb together with gentle and continuous pressure. The other fingers remain straight.

Tatvas Balanced :

Jala (water), agni (fire)

varuna mudra benefits

Varuna Mudra : Effects and benefits

Health problems caused by the imbalance of jala tatva (water) can be controlled with regular practice of this mudra. This mudra is useful as e remedy for liver disorders and removing blood-related problems. Water is a component of pitta and kapha doshas, and this mudra helps balance these. However, people with pronounced pitta and kapha should perform this mudra in moderation, as it can increase the water content in the body. It is beneficial in relieving constipation, indigestion, dehydration, anaemia, dry eyes, dryness of mouth and throat, and some hormone-related problems.

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