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Guide To Different Styles Of Yoga

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No amount of cardio or exercise can make up for the balance and stability yoga introduces in your body and life. But once you go to enroll yourself for the yoga classes, you have another type of confusion waiting for you:  Which style of yoga should you be opting for? There are so many different styles available that it can get a little difficult for you to choose the right style for yourself. This is a guide for all the beginners who have trouble understanding the different yoga styles.

Yoga Styles : Guide To Different Styles Of Yoga


It is relatively a newer form of yoga which was introduced in 1997 by an America, John Friend. It is for all of us who want to experience the individuality in us and become a little more accepting of who we are.These classes are great to explore the mind and the body and push oneself beyond all limitations.


If you like to heat things up a bit, then this yoga is for you. Literally. This yoga class is conducted in a heated room which can have you sweating like anything.Introduced by Bikram Chaudhry some 30 years ago, it makes use of 26 poses only in a sequential manner. So you will not be getting much variety here. But if you are like sauna-room experiences, this yoga is meant for you.


Iyengar takes into account the individual limitations and is accommodating and facilitating enough to make way for all of them. It makes use of avariety of different props to help you find the right position. If you are healing from an injury and are just getting started, this form of yoga is meant for you. Attention is paid to each pose and style to help you find the best posture and alignment.


If you think you lack the energy of a serpent, then this yoga will help you identify the energy trapped deep in your body and use it to move and perform stimulating poses. You are expected to move in aserpent like motion and traverse from one pose to another and use the energy trapped deep inside you. It is an intensive workout which combines the breathing techniques with rigorous movements to get your whole body moving. So if you want yoga classes with higher intensity, this one is for you.


Going through some stressful times and want to relax your mind?  Then this yoga is more for you. It is like a nap routine for the grown-ups where blankets, pillows and other props are used to help you relax more and rejuvenate your mind. It is slow and uses only 5 to 6 poses where you would be spending as much as 20minutes in each pose so that you sink deep in the relaxation mode.

These are just some of the most common yoga styles that are widely popular around us. Which one of these is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.